Day 16

I found a car boot sale! Well, a flea market. They call it FlohMarkt here.

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Hehe, I cannot believe they have these sort of things for sale for everyone to see!

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Day 15

This really weird thing here lets you know when your food is ready. The light is orange when it is being prepared and when it is ready it turns green. Strange idea! They did the same thing for drinks too!


Interesting name, but it was a Thai restaurant. Very nice, bright pink colours.

WP_20141101_003 WP_20141101_004 WP_20141101_005 WP_20141101_006 WP_20141101_007 WP_20141101_008

Mango curry, mmmmm! Very sweet though.

WP_20141101_009 WP_20141101_010 WP_20141101_011 WP_20141101_012

Day 14

Here is a photo hanging in the College. It’s really nice and I think they have these for sale.


I found a little market!


The class and I had a little coffee just here. It doesn’t look much but it is nice, even if the bar man does throw the beermats at you…


Looks dodgy, but seems very popular.


Hansaring 🙂 This is by the Uni.


Primark! I have no idea why there is an ice-cream there. There are not even that many ice cream shops round here…

WP_20141031_007 WP_20141031_008

The Primark classy jewellery…. spelt wrong, haha.


Lots of goodies for the weekend!


This was really eerie at night just turning round and seeing all of these staring at you!


Weird! ‘Nuff said.


Fun games of Consequence in a bar! It’s pretty hard to read but I have the original somewhere.